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Recent book recommendations

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Cult of the Dead Cow

Why Should You Read This?

It's a hacker history lesson at its finest. I find this kind of stuff not only interesting but inspirational when I feel like just quitting and raising sheep somewhere. 

Author: Joseph Menn


Fear: Trump In The White House

Why Should You Read This?

Fear is a good title for this thing. It's not only what Trump uses to run his White House, it's also what we, the general public, get infected with every day. Headlines, shouting, nazis, it can wear you down even if you're trying to avoid it. 

This book doesn't make any of that go away. What it does do is demystify just a little bit of what goes on behind closed doors. In that, there is power for the rest of us. 

Author: Bob Woodward



Why Should Your Read This?

It's another book on hacker history that everyone should read and understand.

Author: Kevin Poulsen

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