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75 Hard - Day 1 Debrief

Day 1.

Definitely started this day hung over. Didn't go to Vegas but had lots of fun with friends and took a week off from the gym. Well, I said I'd do it so here it goes.

Key Takeaways:

This is a limited thing; this is about consistency and discipline. Just do the things because there's a point to it and it'll make more sense when you're back to your own version of maintenance.

It's amazing how quickly your brain wants to rebel. How quickly you feel like you're being "deprived" and how easy it is to just "start tomorrow". The thoughts come almost immediately.

It's 75 days (about 2 and a half months). Who cares? You can do a thing for that long. But do it with intent, do it with concentration. Be in and with yourself the whole time. This is your project for the next 2 months. But remember the lessons because you are going to need them at Day 76 when it's time to continue a real, effective plan.

For more information on what this whole thing is about, visit

Disclaimer: I'm not paid by Andy or any of his companies. He doesn't even know who I am. I"m just a shmuck on the internet doing stupid human tricks.

Potential Traps:

I haven't wanted to go to the movies in 2 months, yet NOW I get a craving to get popcorn and a soda. Fuck off, brain.

Book reading was easy. Been doing that like crazy for the past 7 months and I have a huge backlog of non-fiction to read. Don't have this habit? You will, in short order. I now prefer sitting in my recliner and devouring some dystopian sci-fi waaaaay more than binge watching a show. This will be easiest part.

Workout 1 was the usual, I've been using a trainer writing me programs for the past 7 months. The habit is there and it's strong. But it took a long ass time, you won't even build it completely in 75 days, but it is going to be a damn good start.

Workout 2 was a pain in the dick to do. It was only walking for 45 minutes but it was late at night, I was tired, it was raining, just all the ingredients to say "fuck it." But I got up and went because I am investing in Day 76. I can see how Andy is hardcore in starting over if you miss even one thing because that one thing will be a slippery slope.

Water consumption was easier because I worked out twice and carried my giant ass gallon bottle with me. I am fully sold on this thing. It's easier to get the amounts in if you have water near you all the time and do not mind room temp water. Oh, you will absolutely piss your brains out. I woke up 3 times last night.

Daily Pic. I'm taking this easy, shirt half off, silly ones. Normally, this would be stupid. Daily pics and daily scale weigh-ins being equal in madness, but I get this program is all about consistency and discipline so to that end, fine. I'm taking detailed pics from multi angles with pro lighting once a month. Daily gets the basic shit and I'll do the daily pic because it's part of the consistency. I get it.

Following a diet, I did it. And by diet, I've already had calories/macros hashed out for months now so now I'm just tightening that down and aiming to NEVER go over the calories and ALWAYS hit the protein.

Cheat meals and alcohol. First off, GOD DAMN IT I hate "cheat meals". Any other plan that uses this phrase would be garbage but again, consistency. So, I'm keeping this in my own realm of understanding. Pizza? no. Cupcakes in the fridge? Not for me. Popcorn at movies? no. But it requires constant presence of mind.

Alcohol is easy (for me), I did 4 months sober to clean out at the beginning of this year. It's not forever although it's fine if it leads to that.

On to Day 2.

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