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75Hard - Days 4-5-6 roll up.

Key Takeaways: If you start this, or any fitness journey, don't take it for granted. Fucking give it your all. I feel great and I'm optimistic but COVID is in the world to stay not to mention any of the thousand other situations that could arise and suddenly sideline you, all your plans derailed. I've had it happen before and it's part of what drives me to do stuff like this while I feel good.

Realize the opportunity you have to actually do something while you're doing nothing. Someday it might not be a choice. Was that FUD? Maybe a little, but it's just something on my mind this week.

Day 4: Really great day, lots of introspection and hopeful velvety feels. Day 5: Hello, real world! Had to move a friend out of an abusive environment. Had to be done suddenly and quickly. No worries but gotta pack my shit up and go mobile.

Day 6: I am SPENT. I don't wanna do anything. I'm so goddamn sore. Helping a friend move for 7 hours most certainly covered my 2nd workout yesterday. This program isn't so much hard in and of itself. It's hard when you have to mold it around your regular life and all the surprises that can entail. You'll definitely get good at planning ahead once you've gotten obsessed with Day 76.

If you read all this...

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