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Geriatric Grinder - Resources

Back in my day (yuck) I was limited to whatever tips and tricks I could glean from stolen copies of Thrasher about what gear I needed and how to do tricks. Piecing things together from still frame images and hoping you got in with the cool kids so they could help you out. I never really did mesh with the hardcore skaters but I had a smaller group that took pity on me and showed me a few things.

Today? Holy shit there is SO MUCH information out there. I would have killed for this kind of access in 1996. Plus it seems the kids are nicer and the older skaters have matured enough to open their own shops. Plus, that whole mortality thing will humble damn near anyone. What I'm saying is, it's a great time to start/get back to skating.

It's been about a week since I bought my new board and I've already been learning SO much about how to make this old, injury prone body navigate around on a skateboard. I'm going to keep updating this page with links that I've found insanely helpful.

Jonny Giger YouTube.

One of my favorite videos he does is 10 Ollie-Less Tricks. Which is awesome for me because my perpetually subluxating right ankle is scared shitless of Ollie's right now.

Braille Skateboarding YouTube.

HANDS DOWN the single best resource I've found so far. There is a metric ton of content up here for noobs and pro's alike. When I go out to San Diego next month, I'm going to make a pilgrimage to their park/store just to say thank you. They've also got this amazing video series for super cheap $. Check it out here.

Ben Degros YouTube

Dude just reviews every single kind of gear review he can think of along with tips on building skate apparatus's and tips on tricks. I love his conversational style and level of detail he goes into about every thing in his videos.

Great places to go conversate and commiserate with old and new skaters alike.

I'll add more as I discover them. Stay tuned.

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