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Geriatric Grinder - Volume1

In December of 2019, I bought my son his first brand new complete skateboard from my local skate shop, Five and Dime.

They've already played a huge roll in starting me back down the path of getting back on my board, I have a feeling they'll continue to be super important to me. I was last on a board probably around 20 year ago and I want nothing more than be able to ride along with my little guy, learn along with him and show him it's okay to fall like a giant oaf.

I've been updating on Twitter every time I head to the park to practice and people seem to be responding to my idiocy, encouraging it even. I figured I'd make some more use out of this blog and put some of my thoughts, experience, successes, and fails up for posterity. Being honest about my chances here, you came to the page for the fails. I promise not to disappoint.

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