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In Memoriam: Mike Murray.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

"Mike Murray was a true pioneer in fostering the cybersecurity community and its evolution to helping defend vulnerable businesses. He was also a friend to many of us here at Dark Reading over the years — always generous in sharing his expertise with us, too, and always with kindness and a smile."

Vanilla Mike

In Scope Cybersecurity Podcast

Healthcare Industry Career Search Panel

Why Hospitals Face Unique Security Challenges - Mike Murray - BSW 243

Mike Murray - Building Teams in the New Normal - DEF CON 28 Career Hacking Village

Endpoint Enigma | Healthcare Security In The Age Of 5G And Remote Work

HG - The Importance of Culture - Mike Murray

Strategies For Coping With A Virus Economy

Professional Advancement in the Virus Economy

Interviewing in The Virus Economy

Lookout's Mike Murray on Mobile APT Threats

BsidesRI 2013 1 2 Bite the Wax Tadpole The importance of culture in user security Kati Rodzon

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