• Danny Akacki

Issue #2 - Deliverables

How do I measure the success of this project? I am WELL past my prime to make the big sponsor bucks so what will I have to show at the end of this? Let's start with a list of foundational skills/tricks that I hope to be able to pull off within the next year. I'll update this as I check off items on the list. - Ollie.

- Kickflip.

- Heelflip.

- Vert/pool proficiency. By "proficient" I mean "not getting dead/snapping my ankle off."

- Grinding, specifically the @elkentaro Solder Grind.

Additionally, I've decided to take the Giger Challenge and try to pull off his Top 10 Beginner Tricks. Videos to follow as I accomplish them.

1. Casper Stall

2. Strawberry Milkshake

3. Hippie Jump

4. Tail Finger-flip

5. Rock to Fakie

6. Revert

7. Pick up flip

8. Nose Stall

9. Old School Kick-flip

10. No comply 180

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"You guys have skills. Figure out how to use those skills to make shit happen, because it can make shit happen.


you can do it.


and use a fucking spellchecker"


-cDc - defcon 7

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