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Project Geriatric Grinder - BREAKING NEWS

As fun as this whole thing is for me so far, I only started this nonsense because I want to be able to roll next to my son. He's about to turn 5 years old and this is all brand new to him, what better way to make sure he's successful than to basically start over myself. I know for a fact when it comes time to help him with his math homework he's completely shit out of luck when it comes to advice from me. This is the least I can do. So, on to the BREAKING NEWS.......

HE RODE SOLO TODAY!!!!! I'm so goddamn proud of him. Now I have to keep going because there's going to be a day that will be the last day he'll ever ask me to hold his hand as he rolls. Today I realized, that day is coming way faster than I anticipated.

Anyway, that's all this post is about. How friggin' proud I am of my son. Look for a follow up post soon that will detail some of the methods I used to teach him the basics. Maybe it'll help someone else get their kid upright and rolling.

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you can do it.


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