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Second Order Chaos Presents: Bucks For Belize

Ladies, Gentlemen, Furries, Genders across the rainbow, have we got an announcement for you.

Some of you might remember when I did a 24-hour stream on @2OCStream back in November, raising money for Movember and men’s mental health and cancer research. You helped me individually raise $10,000 and as a team, Hairy Hackers raised $13,000+.

How about we do it again?

Beginning Friday May 15th @ 8pm Eastern / 00:00 UTC, ending Saturday May 16th @ 8pm ET/00:00 UTC, my team and I will be doing a 24-hour stream on @2OCStream benefitting the Ocean Academy, students of the only high school on Caye Caulker, an island of Belize. Their economy is completely dependent on tourism, of which there is none due to COVID 19. Their borders have been closed since March 23, 2020 and their government funding has been severely reduced.

What's this got to do with hackers? Other than we're all in the human race together? @H0m3l3ssHacker, @elkentaro and others have been going to the Ocean Academy every year to teach computers, networking, security, etc. The students are part of us, and we are part of them. $385 gets a single student through to the end of June to keep their education running. With 130+ students, we've got some work to do.

So, here's what we're going to do. Under the #HackerStreams banner, I'm recruiting 24 streamers for 24 hours of content. I & H0m3l3ssHacker will be your MC's, keeping things moving every hour. There will be a master channel showing all the main events but we're not actually stopping at 24. Anyone who wants to stream and be a part of this to raise money can do it and we'll promote the living hell out of you. We encourage people to channel hop, discover new streamers and, just maybe, catch the bug to start your stream.

We’ll also be spinning up various ways for more people to get involved through social media. Some exciting stuff planned because we want a byproduct of this to be a well-oiled infrastructure and workflow for anyone to run a charity event whenever they want.

So, who is involved so far?













With generous sponsorship already secured from:

@mmurray and Scope Security



Just to name a few. Will your name be on this list as a streamer, a donor, both? Let's do something with all this free time we have and give some kids an education so they can grow up to the next generation of hackers, streamers, and contributing humans.

For more information please visit:


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